Returning to the Mind: Learning as a Path to Resilience

Virtual Via Zoom

When we have a difficult moment spring up in life, engaging with curiosity helps us to find solutions. Being a learner about problems that arise helps to create resilience and…



JWCC Southeast Education Center Pittsfield, IL

SCHOOL SAFETY 101–BASIC AND ADVANCED CONCEPTS ROE #1– JWCC Southeast Education Center, Pittsfield, IL, 8:30am - 11:30am, April 13, 2022 Attention:  Superintendents, principals, assistant principals  A safe educational environment is…

Crucial Conversations

Quincy Holiday Inn 4821 Oak Quincy, Il 62301

This course provides educators strategies and skills to effectively disagree rather than avoid or ignore conflict. Educators will turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relationships and results. Participants will apply,…


Understanding and Teaching Children Affected by Poverty

Quincy Holiday Inn 4821 Oak Quincy, Il 62301

This training is designed for educators and community members who wish to build a deeper understanding of the needs of children and families affected by poverty. Poverty is not merely…

Restorative Practices-Quincy

Quincy Holiday Inn 4821 Oak Quincy, Il 62301

This interactive workshop will introduce you to Restorative Practices that can be implemented in the classroom and school. Come prepared to practice activities and strategies that will help your students…