Adams County Regional Safe School Program (ACRSS) is an alternative program for 7-12th graders located in the garden (lower) level of the Board of Education Building, 1416 Maine Street, Quincy.  Partial funding for this program is provided through the Regional Safe Schools Grant. All students must be referred by their homeschool, meet specific guidelines, and complete an Alternative Education Plan (AEP) prior to enrollment.

ACRSS utilizes a block schedule and offers a full range of academic course work including electives and a fully staffed computer lab.  Our block approach helps promote success by allowing students to focus on 3 to 4 subject areas at a time as opposed to six or seven. It may also help them attain graduation credits at an accelerated rate.  Ultimately, our goal is to transition your child back to their individual homeschool but in the meantime, we’ll provide them with the opportunity to earn a Quincy Senior High School diploma or their individual homeschool diploma by meeting the appropriate District graduation requirements. ACRSS has clear and consistent behavior expectations and appropriate behavior interventions. Community experiences are incorporated into our program providing trips to various employers and secondary education or training opportunities for career information and offering possible student volunteer possibilities.

Lori Miles – Director mileslo@qps.org
Marcey Wells – School Administration Manager wellsma@qps.org
Audrey Woodworth – Student Support Liaison woodwoau@qps.org
Bruce Terstegge – Security Guard terstebr@qps.org
Gaynell Ayo – Clerical ayoga@qps.org
John Lumpkin – Student Support Liaison lumpkijo@qps.org
Donald Miller – Teacher millerdo@qps.org
Lizabeth Taylor – Teacher taylorli@qps.org
Lori Beyer – Teacher beyerlo@qps.org
Rachel Perry – Teacher perryra@qps.org
Rayme Bergman – Teacher bergmara@qps.org
Sharon Ausmus – Teacher ausmussh@qps.org

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