About Regional Office of Education #1

Regional Offices of Education are essential support offices partnering with the Illinois State Board of Education to support local school districts. The offices perform regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code to provide safety, support, and success to local school districts.

There are 39 Regional Offices of Education (ROE) that are grouped by county or counties throughout Illinois. We serve as ROE 1, which includes the counties of Adams, Brown, Cass, Morgan, Pike, and Scott. Each ROE is administered by a Regional Superintendent of Schools which is the only elected education professional office in Illinois. Jill S. Reis serves as ROE 1 Regional Superintendent.  She acts as chief administrative officer and provides positive leadership and service as a source of information for educators, school districts, and the public.


Health Life Safety
Bus Safety
Background Checks


Professional Development


High School Equivalency
Safe School Programs
School Recognition