Regional Office of Education #1 Programs

The Regional Office of Education (ROE) #1 coordinates and delivers programs to help disseminate information to educators, school districts, and the community. These educational programs are designed foremost with the advancement of student academic success in mind. We offer statewide education initiatives (e.g. IL-Empower) as well as specialized learning programs developed specifically for ROE #1. The ultimate goal of these programs are to meet the needs of our regions’ children. To learn more about one or more of our educational programs, choose from the complete list below:

  • Alternative Education Programs

    Alternative learning environments provide individual attention to disruptive students turning around many lives each year. With programs like ACRSS, Lafayette Academy ARC, and PACE School, students can get back on track.

  • Child & Family Connections

    Family evaluations and assessments for young children under three help determine eligibility for early intervention services. We develop plans for children to learn and grow and provide connections to local early intervention services.

  • IL-Empower

    We are an approved learning provider for IL-Empower, a statewide system to help improve student learning. Our office partners with local schools in our region to help those schools receive comprehensive services to meet student needs.

  • Prevention Education Services

    The Prevention Coordinator at the Regional Office of Education focuses on implementing strategies for middle school students to increase their knowledge of substance related risks and consequences and provide skills to resist alcohol and drugs.

  • LEAD Projects

    The purpose of the LEAD project is to increase principal effectiveness in areas that increase student achievement. Four regional offices of education in Illinois collaborate to serve local schools, universities and communities.